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Cooking with tomato sauce: advice from chef Johann Lafer

Much loved by chef Johann Lafer, the Mussin Gourmet line of tomato sauces is made with the highest quality ingredients to produce a unique, intense flavour that is full of tradition and passion.

Summer and Winter: Chef Johann Lafer's recipes based on balsamic vinegar

Chef Johann Lafer, a great admirer of Modena's Black Gold, offers his seasonal recipes based on balsamic vinegar: he suggests adding it to fresh peaches in summer and to roast beef in winter. Enjoy your meal!

Advice from chef Johann Lafer on using Condifrutta condiments by Acetaia Mussini

How to use Condifrutta condiments by Acetaia Mussini? A great admirer of this product, Chef Johann Lafer, offers his sweet and savoury and…. cocktail recipes!

Journey into Acetaia Mussini with chef Johann Lafer

The beginning of a small great trip to Acetaia Mussini, together with chef Johann Lafer, one of its greatest admirers. Lafer is an expert in Italian cuisine who exported the tradition of Black Gold to Germany.

A lesson in tasting balsamic vinegar of Modena with Acetaia Mussini

A candle, flask (the classic container), ceramic spoon, balsamic vinegar and all 5 active senses are used in the tasting of Black Gold: a real explosion of colour, taste, density and smell takes place.

Balsamic vinegar of Modena: a family tradition

Every true Modenese person grows up with the tradition of balsamic vinegar of Modena: making Black Gold began in families and evolved to production by real vinegar makers.

Balsamic vinegar of Modena is made with grape must, tradition and patience

Pressing the grapes, tapping the must, cooking in cauldrons and cooling: these steps precede the extravasation of grape must, the basic ingredient of balsamic vinegar. Acetic fermentation then takes place in barrels ranging from the "abbess" to barrels made of different woods.

Come to the table: using balsamic vinegar of Modena in cooking

As a condiment, balsamic vinegar of Modena can be used in every dish on the menu, from appetizers to desserts - and in beverages as well. Here are a few tips on combinations and uses.

The San Giovanni Fair in Spilamberto, where the best balsamic vinegar of Modena of the year is chosen

The Spilamberto Palio is in its 54th year: the best vinegar of the year is chosen through laboratory tests and tasting checks by six Masters. Which characteristics are evaluated? Who can participate?