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To Each His Own: The Acetaia Mussini Products for the Best Gourmet Gifts

 Someone once said that ‘happiness only exists in gifts’ and how could we blame them for thinking that?

Giving a gift that exactly matches the recipient’s taste is as beautiful as unwrapping a little keepsake from a loved one. The gift can often be shared with friends and relatives thus, taking the joy it brings to a whole new level as it is shared among more people.

This is even more true when it comes to gourmet gifts. No matter what their size, gourmet gifts have the power to add something special to the dishes that we prepare and share with our guests. It is a beautiful moment that is ‘seasoned’ with generosity especially if the product holds the Made in Italy guarantee. This translates into many types of gastronomic delicacy, represented in desserts and savoury dishes that can be prepared and served to those whose tastes you already know. The same applies to the beverages which is why it’s a good idea to give a bottle of wine, good oil or even, a traditional liqueur.


Gourmet Gifts for all Tastes? Acetaia Mussini Has Got You Covered!

In this particular category of gourmet gifts, we also find the classic balsamic vinegar of Modena which has defined entire generations and brought great pleasure and joy to the tables of Italians and enthusiasts far and wide. At Acetaia Mussini, we know that only too well which is why we have always had many different types of balsamic vinegar in many types of unusual packaging on offer. Our wide range has something to suit everyone and is the perfect refined gourmet gift that will be appreciated by both those who receive it and those who give it. But how do you choose the best balsamic vinegar? Well, let’s have a look together!

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Meat lovers know all too well that there is nothing better than a good piece of meat dressed in a tasty way to enhance its flavour to the fullest. And with a great number of cooking options, we, at Acetaia Mussini, offer a wide range of condiments and balsamic vinegars which will satisfy all carnivores and pair perfectly with each cooking technique. Let’s look at some examples. If you love marinating your meat, you have got to try our lines of balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI:

  • Acetaia: 4 coins, 3 coins and 1 coin
  • Bella Modena: 3 coins and 1 coin
  • Violetta: 2 coins
  • Vecchio Ducato: 3 coins and 1 coin
  • Nobile Condiment (part of the Cubo line)
  • Balsamic Bio (organic): 1 coin
  • Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO 12 years
  • New Bella Modena: 4 coins and 5 coins
  • New Violetta: 3 coins, 2 coins and 1 coin
  • Passione: 3 coins


Among the Nobile dressings, we have the Cubo line, the Acetaia di famiglia, Vecchia farmacia, Mademoiselle, Premium and Espirit. For something with the PDO certification mark, you must choose a product with 12 or 25 coins. But for the younger ones, creams (whether they are classic, savoury or sweet) and sauces, are perfect especially in the street food cream version.



The tables of Italians are always filled with fish products that appeal to both adults and children. We just have to enhance the flavours and improve the tastes a little with the help of one or two top quality products. The Scrigno, Cilindro or Emozione lines or Balsamic Bio (organic) or the number 4 white spray are perfect for this as it pairs well with fish and shellfish like sushi, salmon, oysters, prawns, caviar and even a fried mix. As for creams, however, the classic black or white creams are a great match but more innovative flavours like basil, caprese, Tuscan, cheese or spicy could also match well.



And what about cocktails? Refined products that result from the skilful art of mixology, the expert connoisseurs can’t help but appreciate the sweet creams (those that come from figs, raspberries, blueberries and lemons), the condi mela (a balsamic apple cider vinegar) and the selection of dressings which has a line that has been designed specifically for aperitifs (including raspberry, strawberry and passion fruit flavours).

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