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The Added Value of Made in Italy Food Products for Distributors

Did you know that Made in Italy is the star of Italian economy?This is thanks to its high-quality food products that represent a true luxury to many across the world. It is something that is envied by all and at the same time, that contributes in a fundamental way to the growth of Italian GDP (Gross Domestic Products) and the promotion of food distributors.

The Made in Italy Data and the Export of its Food Products 

According to the XVI Ismea-Qualivita Report on Italian agri-food and PDO, PGI and TSG wine production, in 2018, the Italian geographical indication (GI) sector showed the highest ever production results. For the first time, these exceeded 15.2 billion euros leading to an 18% contribution to the total economic value of the national agri-food sector. This is a sign that Made in Italy food products are a great business opportunity for food distributors who can count, not only, on sales capacity in their national territory, but also, on the possibility of success in foreign markets where Italian products are much loved.

This figure is also confirmed by the SACE SIMEST 2018 Export Report, according to which, 2017 saw an increase of 31 billion euros in the export of goods. These are very encouraging figures that will continue between 2019 and 2021 with a positive trend of more than 4.5%.

Balsamic vinegar: Made in Italy’s Pride

Among the Made in Italy food products that record excellent performances and can make a difference to the distributors, balsamic vinegar stands out. It is, in fact, one of Modena’s treasures that, with its refined and delicate taste, has many purposes, in addition to the fact that it is one of the fundamental components of gourmet and refined cuisine.

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So why focus on balsamic vinegar?

There are many reasons to focus on balsamic vinegar from its great taste and its high-quality raw ingredients to its producer’s dedication to obtain a 100% Made in Italy food product. But one great benefit that food distributors can obtain from its marketing is undoubtedly linked to the data. According to the XVI Ismea-Qualivita Report, in fact, the wine sector is worth 8.3 billion euros in terms of production (that’s more than 2%) and 5.3 billion euros in exports (out of a total of about 6 billion euros in the sector). It is not a coincidence that, as regards the territorial impact, it is the regions of Veneto and Emilia Romagna that drive the GI sector.

It’s a product that highlights the quality of the Italian territory and that offers a valid representation of gourmet food products, guaranteeing a profound return in terms of economy and image for the country.

But why choose gourmet products?

 At this point, a question arises: what are the advantages of selling Made in Italy products for gourmet distributors? Let’s try to list some essential points.

  • Product excellence: Thanks to the high-quality raw ingredients grown exclusively in Italy, it is possible to produce an excellent product that enhances and improves local communities and Italian traditions. Just think of balsamic vinegar obtained only with grapes grown on Modenese vines or Parmigiano Reggiano which uses only milk from cows coming from the areas of Modena, Reggio Emilia and Parma.
  • Greater security and checks: DPO and PGI products are subject to strict checks throughout the manufacturing processes and regarding the raw ingredients used. This guarantees safety and protection for the final consumer.
  • A competitive advantage: Certified Italian products tend to cost more than non-original products or those coming from abroad. This point should not be seen as a deterrent to purchase but as food for thought. It should convince you that the quality of raw materials, careful processing and rigorous checks are synonymous with excellence and a guarantee of greatness. As well as consumer safety which has therefore caused us to buy the certified Italian product also taking on the burden of incurring greater expense.

Focusing on the classic Italian excellence is essential to preserving culture, traditions and culinary heritage. But even more important and a source of pride is to promote and spread the brand of Italian quality, both nationally and beyond, giving a fundamental contribution above all to the economic setup of Italy.

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