Why choose balsamic vinegar producers truly linked to their region

22 Jun 2017

Modern consumers care deeply about their food. They seek out authentic food where the processes of production are historic, careful, and demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship. The trends of farm-to-table, responsibly-sourced, small producers and local eating are all continuing strong.

Customers want to be closer to nature, closer to the farms where their food is produced. In an era where cheap knock-offs abound in all sorts of products, from handbags to chocolate, consumers are savvy to fakes. They want the authentic goods produced by the real makers of the products they buy.


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How do you satisfy this hunger for the genuine experience when you choose a balsamic vinegar producer? The simple answer is that you make sure to supply the most genuine product, straight from the Modena or Reggio-Emilia regions. In vinegar, this means going to the well-respected family names in balsamic vinegar in the region where balsamic was born.

Here are the reasons to choose a balsamic vinegar producer from Modena or Reggio-Emilia:

Short Supply Chain

When working with international gourmet foods such as balsamic vinegar, a short supply chain is the best way to ensure your customers a singular, authentic experience. You can document where the vinegar was made and the family company that has cultivated the fine art of vinegar-making through the generations.

Small and innovative balsamic vinegar producers are quality conscious and can bring you and your customers closer to the source of the vinegar. Cutting out any extra middleman or large food processors adds value to the item. Fewer steps in the journey from farm to consumer mean more profit, higher value, and happy customers.

The overall trend in food distribution is towards shorter supply chains. This poses challenges in some instances, but also gives an opportunity for you to give more exclusive service to your customers. Providing balsamic vinegar straight from the region it is produced in gives you this advantage and added value.


History, Culture, & Craftsmanship

The key feature of balsamic vinegar is its link to history. This is a product that has been cultivated for centuries, and you can taste a connection to the past in each drop of fine balsamic vinegar. Only balsamic vinegar made in the traditional way and in the original area has this direct connection to the past.

The history of the Modena and Reggio-Emilia regions of Italy have rich soil that grows the best grapes for balsamic vinegar. The hot summers help the vinegar ferment just the right amount, while the cold winters condense the flavors. The climate plus the special wooden barrels infuse the vinegar with the spirit and depth of knowledge contained in these regions of Italy.

It takes expertise to know which grapes to use for extraordinary balsamic. It takes craftsmanship to know how to press the grapes into the perfect must, and then follow the aging process to make sure the intense, rich flavors of balsamic come through when you taste it. The experts in making balsamic vinegar are linked to the land of the region where their families have been making gourmet vinegar for generations.

Investing in the Territory of Origin

One reason consumers are so conscious of food origins is a concern for the environment. People want to support smaller farms and more natural methods of production. When you supply balsamic vinegar from Modena, you are supporting family traditions and investing in this extraordinary food culture. Buying authentic balsamic vinegar of Modena, you are helping sustain the future of great food products from this region.

Attention to the Value of Image

There is indelible value in the label of balsamic vinegar producers who are connected to the Modena region. The producers of Modena care deeply about their image of quality, purity and uniqueness. The family vinegar producers are devoted not only to their traditions, but to the iconic branding that authenticity confers on their product. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is a treasure worth guarding, and the image of perfection is closely protected.


Picking a supplier of balsamic vinegar connected to the region of Modena or Reggio-Emilia in Italy ensures you quality craftsmanship. It also gives you a shorter supply chain---you know who is making the product. Plus, you are supporting an ancient tradition and bringing it forward into our time. You are helping keep the culture and the history alive----your customers can visit these regions of Italy with their taste buds, and you create a link between Italy and the world: Fantastico!

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